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e in Haiti as part of the UN peace troops. "For what I have been able to see there is a commitment to keep this compromise with Haiti. Chile just approved an extension by one year


said that it's not really normal to see snow in April, but it's not unheard, and the measurable snowfall has been recorded as late as May 11. The National Weather Service said tha.


, said Pamela Lippe, executive director of Earth Day New York. "We try so hard to attract new people to come and learn about the environment and learn about certain organizations.


of the parliament. From Tuesday to Thursday, the parliamentarians gathered in 12 Permanent Work Commissions and reviewed the effects of the most important measures taken in 2011 .


sued after he met his national security team at the White House. He said that "The Egyptian people have been told that there was a transition of authority, but it is not yet clear.

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ting gay marriage. But for now, he officially remains opposed, Gallup said. GAY MARRIAGE AND NOVEMBER ELECTIONS The dynamic could play into November's presidential elections, as Oba.

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cular threat or incident." The security officers were being deployed at selected passenger rail and transit stations to practice counterterrorism and incident- response capabilitie.

expectations for the fourth consecutive week, from 6.32 percent to 6.45 percent, approaching the government's official target for inflation. Market analysts are more pessimistic a.

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