the cities, end the military actions, and prepare for a transition that does not include Colonel Gaddafi," said Clinton. According to earlier reports, with no Libyan planes taking .

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war on drug trafficking, trading and consumption,fulfilling a promise made during the election campaign. At a ceremony, she announced the establishment of 49 Regional Centers of R.

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the first time, will aid on intelligence issues, criminal investigation, anti drug missions, anti kidnapping, and bordering vigilance, Colombian National Police said in a stateme.

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NA to remain in the West Bank. "Hopefully we will be able to reach the two-state solution through negotiating with the Palestinian Authority. Gaza would be a part of the solution .

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ocal tsunami watch following the quake, but ruled out the possibility of a destructive widespread tsunami threat. ? WASHINGTON, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) -- U.S. President Barack Obama on W.

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are" getting food and supplies into the country. Noting that there have been some episodes of food riots, Sheeran said that "we are concerned that the most vulnerable -- children .

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dono, in the capital city's financial district, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said. Londono, the alleged target of the attack, sustained a chest injury, but his condition.

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City's East River in the crash of a helicopter off the 34th Street Helipad on Tuesday in a dramatic, televised rescue operation. A fifth person, apparently trapped, was later foun.

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o. "The injured are recovering," said Marquez, adding "the provinces of Narino, Cauca, Risaralda and Quindio have priority as recovery efforts advance." Marquez said a healthcare ce.

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